Day #1: Welcome to the Creativity Project

(it doesn’t have a very creative title).

Here’s the plan. I am going to complete one creative project every day.

I figure, if I have time to watch an episode of ‘Glee,’ I’ll have time to exercise my brain and make one project from start to finish. I’m tired of just absorbing the stuff around me… it’s time to make something.

What inspired this? I’ve realized that it’s really hard to make things in the ‘real world.’ If you work in a company, you know this. Combing through the bureaucratic mess, it’s impossible to Get. Anything. Done.

Also, if you ever read the internet, all anyone does anymore is re-blog and re-tweet (I do it all day long).

So for 30 days, I’m going to attempt to complete one project from start to finish every day. It might be silly, it might be crap, but at least I made something.

Let’s get to it!