Day #2: Just a walk

After dance class, I always walk the same way to the blue line.

Sneakers moving quickly. Ears plugged in. Head down, texting (never tweet after work hours).

Today was walking, unplugged. I am seeking inspiration for today’s creative activity.

Head up, I see a cupola. For me, a memory of Florence Cathedral’s dome. Should I walk all the way over there? Is West Chicago safe at this time of day?

This blog made me do it.

I discovered, first of all, that I am paranoid. It was in the middle of the UIC campus, which means of course it was safe. In fact, it was beautiful and tree-lined.

I love “wandering” and I love “exploring.” Those two traits are why I love to travel. But if I am able to wander and explore in my own backyard, then it will satiate me (for now).

When you explore, you aren’t walking familiar paths. You are open to your environment and soaking everything up. Your head tilts up and down, pans left and right, capturing. You are experiencing in the moment and it stirs up memories — relating to the present in a way it had never before. I was trying to think of a way to express this, so I will say that “exploration is my madeleine.”

This campus was very still, very quiet. It was a small village with a big city skyline, spiraling out from a central cathedral that had a cupola.

I saw quaintness in horrendous 1960s architecture, I experienced religion standing in front of Jesus Christ’s status. It was so quiet that it invited me to come closer — buildings like the innovation center, alleyways with spring blossoms. In reality I only walked a few blocks, but it felt like crossing state borders.

Honestly I experienced more joy and remembered more from this short walk than I did from a whole day at work.

So — this is my creation for today. A blog post and photos from my iPhone. Day 2 and it’s already pretty exhausting. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.