Day #3: LEGO Sears Tower

For my “create something every day for 30 days” challenge, I decided to finally build the LEGO Sears Tower that Jared gave me for Christmas.

It. was. awesome.

I honestly haven’t played with legos in years. In my brain, “Lego” is synonymous with “Internet Meme.”

So when I picked up these little bricks first time, I was surprised at how small, strong and well-made they were. Magnificent. Now it’s time to build.

No skyscraper can be complete without an artsy shot. Or, a “godzilla” (okay, teddy bear) attacking it.

As bear approaches the Sears — helicopters monitor anxiously from above.

His beady eyes are ominous. It can only spell disaster.

Bear engulfs the Sears! What happens next?