Day #10 – The DNA Fingerprint of My Twitter Feed

Inspiration 1: When I was in high school, I took a CSI-esque forensics class where I got to “solve a crime” by executing DNA electrophoresis— it was like seeing a fingerprint of my genetic code (I went to a ritzy high school with expensive science equipment). This was my way of re-creating it. In electrophoresis, the heaviest proteins move slowly, and thus sit at the bottom, while the lightest proteins move quickly, and thus float to the top. In a similar way, the most recent tweet floats to the top, while the oldest tweet settles at the bottom.

Inspiration 2: My friend Ernest and I were chatting about how personal people make their work Twitter accounts, which made me curious about what gets put onto my feed.

1 day’s worth of tweets. Color codes: Yellow=Personal, Blue=Work, Pink=Link, Purple=Conversations.