Steph Yiu

Day #12 – Podcast

Today, we made a podcast. I am an avid listener of This American Life (and many other podcasts) and have always, always wanted to create one. I roped in my friend Zach, who is kind of obsessed with storytelling. He’s shared his stories on The Moth and taking classes at Vocalo (in other words, way more qualified than I am).

He and I have talked about doing a podcast together numerous times before. But since the creativity project is so awesome, we finally did it. In 30 minutes, we sat down and made a podcast. No redos, no editing. And I’m gonna say — it’s actually not bad.

To start, we wrote down a list of themes, and I numbered them randomly. Zach blindly picked a number. The randomly selected theme: Lying.


Today’s podcast is presented in four acts.

Act I: Misunderstanding.

Act II: My Name is Jennifer.

Act III: How did I sneak into this group?

Act IV: I can’t tell a lie.

Hope you enjoy it, we definitely had fun creating it. Day #12’s creativity project — done.

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