Day #18 – Make a playlist

If you love High Fidelity, then you know that mix-tapes are an art. I am no artist. Thanks to my dependency on iTunes shuffle, this is honestly the first time I’ve made a playlist in years.

Every playlist has a purpose. Quick fix: I asked Jared what he wanted. He said “Something to listen to when you’re working late at night and you just want to GET IT DONE.” The playlist had to have 20 songs in it (like a CD… remember those things?).

I picked songs with a good beat, with a few slower songs in the middle when you’re focusing. I also tried to make sure the transitions work. I thought it would take me 30 minutes to put it together — it took me more an hour to figure out what to include.

As someone who grew up listening to the pop radio stations of Singapore, I honestly have no concept of music history or chronology. My iTunes library is a mix of pop music I buy, and donations by random friends. I just listen to what I like. So if this playlist seems at all random, that’s probably why.