Day #24: Your day in a tweet

Tonight I went out to a tweetup, and then a post-tweetup tweetup. At the post-tweetup, I asked everyone around me to participate in today’s creativity project: Summarize your day in a tweet.

Telling someone about your day is the bread and butter of a relationship. It’s the staple. It’s something that we all do routinely — to our significant others, to our friends, to our co-workers, to our moms and dads.

“How was your day?”

“It was……”

Everyone has a different way of telling their day’s story — it can be expressive and full of emotion, or it can be stated matter-of-factly. The way you summarize your day can say a lot about you. So folks, how was your day?

Ana: Intense work, afternoon slump, wine..better again! #hoppycow

Alek: Early day at work with nothing to do. @ChiCANstruction this evening. Post tweetup drinks with the kids. Such a #hoppycow day!

Zach: Spent the day at working waiting for 5 to roll around…only to get a drink with Ana, hit the tweetup and start the afterparty! #hoppycow

John: #hoppycow slept in, wrote on my laptop all day at caribou on broadway #boystown, ate oatmeal, watched glee on hulu, went to #redeyetweetup

Jen: Day off-turned on, Frappu-rip-off, Apparently I likes me the Vino, I’m so gonna be double late tomorrow but it’s s’all good #Hoppycow

Jessica: #hoppycow had a great day at @ #redeyetweetup @ bin36, kerryman and now duffys. Social networking is the best

Tori: Work, coffee, R/E tax protests, cupcakes, redeye,bin 36-wine, rain, ruined shoes, too old for college bar, home & hopefully sleep #Hoppycow

Ernest: Woke up, handled biz, tweeted, sang, had a party, smiled, won, danced, didn’t eat, had $1 beers. Life = good. #hoppycow