Day #27: The meaning of being hoppy (part 2)

Well, who knew that a random idea from 2 a.m. in the morning could actually turn into a good one? (See the post from Day #26). Like I wrote last night, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be happy. I realized that it is a lot easier to sum up other people’s versions of happiness than to do my own… so Day #26’s happiness project was about estimating what makes other people happy (namely, my close friends).

Today, I actually reached out to all of the people I included in yesterday’s post and asked them to estimate what they thought made me happy. Here are the responses that made it in time for today’s post:

J: Connecting with the world: the places, things and people around you

K: Being surrounded by good people and good energy, figuring out the best method to connect people and/with ideas and then carrying that forward, and new technology (gadgets and ideas alike).

DZ: Developing projects, getting excited about new ideas and connecting with people.

Z: Mussels!

M: To have the freedom to push and challenge myself to be the best I can be.

D: An achievement, no matter how small, will make you happy as you have put your heart in doing it with a total commitment.

The crazy thing is, I asked each person independently and separately, and the word “connect” came up three times. I actually really liked this exercise — I think my friends have a better idea of what makes me happy than I do. Knowing this is going to help me figure out what I want from life. And, in all honesty, doing this 30-day creativity project is helping me figure out what I want from life.

Day 27, done!

(side note, I made some new pages for this blog — look above!)