HoppyCow.com, or the “30-Day Creativity Project” was just a random experiment — to prove that if I put my mind to it, it could be done. It inspired me to go out and try things.

What has happened since? Well, Jared and I sent in an art proposal to the Wicker Park Bucktown “Make Believe” project. It’s a competition to get one of 10 vacant storefronts in the neighborhood — so that you can do an installation. I definitely would not have applied had I not completed the creativity project here on HoppyCow.

Well, about that storefront… we got it.

The proposal we put together is one giant social media scavenger hunt. Essentially, I’ll be hiding 100 disposable cameras throughout the neighborhood. Using social media, people will find one, use it to tell a photographic story, and mail the cameras back to me. We will use the collection of images to put together a photographic installation both in-store and online.

Needless to say, I am really, really excited. You can follow along on our websiteTwitter and blog. The project launches mid-June.

I genuinely hope that takemewithyou will bring people and neighbors together through an unexpected experience. That’s what I love about art. It suspends the day-to-day life and gets people to see and experience things they wouldn’t normally. It gets people to “make believe.”

Well, whatever happens with this social media project, we’ll make sure it’ll be fun.