It’s so nerdy, you’ll want to cry

My roommates and I threw a housewarming party this weekend. And since all said roommates are nerds (DNA sequencing type, MIT media lab type, architect-turned-developer type and social media journalist type), we figured there was no better theme than to just be as geeky as possible. We all had a great time — thank you to everyone who joined us!

Loads of yummy apps!

Thank you to Jared of Upstatement for throwing together the labels.

Check-In Nuggets!

We made 3 different mixed drinks to the tune of programming languages: Java (coffee infused rum), Ruby on Rails (a ruby cosmopolitan), HTML5 (hibiscus, tanqueray, maple syrup and lemon). There was supposed to be a Funk2 drink (programming language my roommate wrote), but it funked out. And we made a cute <3 punch.

Mustache pic!

Actual Foursquare badges.

We said come as an internet meme, costumes not required. But I love that people still dressed up!

Foursquare in Japanese…

Someone brought spam.

Star Wars Kid (right)!

On a totally related nerdy side-note, please vote for my social media art project!