Social Media + Denizen365

I launched Denizen365 on January 10. It’s a self-portrait photo project that displays the patchwork identity that defines the Third Culture Kid experience. With zero advertising and lots of social media, in 20 days we’ve received 1,221 unique visitors from around the world, and 5,734 pageviews.

The top 10 countries our visitors come from are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Denmark, France, Australia, Hong Kong and Belgium.

The average visitor visits Denizen365 for just over 3 minutes, checking out 5 pages while they are there.

Denizen365 has received nearly 200 Facebook likes, which accounts for the 750 visitors that came from Facebook. That “like” button on the top of the website was no accident.

Without social media (and people kindly sharing the site), I would have never been able to do projects like Denizen, especially because the target audience is a web of interconnected nomads spread all over the world. In fact, social media is the #1 traffic driver for our small magazine.

Despite the encouraging traffic numbers, to date, we’ve received only 31 self portrait submissions. Getting to 365 is going to be a LOT harder than I thought.

Thanks for being a part of 365, and please encourage your friends to participate and submit a photograph. You’ll be seeing more social projects coming out of DenizenMag in the near future.

The story behind Denizen365 | DenizenMag