One of the most unique places I have ever visited

At the St. Louis City Museum, there are no limits. Part-terror, part-delight, all Alice-in-Wonderland, you will wander into situations that you never thought possible, and you’re pretty sure you’ll emerge alive. You could meander for hours in magical caves that hold secret passageways so narrow you don’t think you’ll ever get out. Stroll along twisted sheets of metal in what appears to be an abandoned factory — until you discover they are 10-story slides that echo as you shriek. A skateless skate park makes you rediscover how fun your legs really are (something 5-year-olds learn, but 20-year-olds forget). Learn the true limits of your limbs as you scale the outdoor jungle gym that is topped by an old airplane. Relax in the cockpit until you realize that the only way out is the path terrifying path you came.

The St. Louis City Museum lets adults be kids again — and the maze is so complex there’s no way to see it all in one go. It’s best to go on a Friday or Saturday evening after dinner, and stay until dark. The lights go out at 10 p.m., and they give you a flashlight. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes — the most adventurous may want to bring kneepads. Once you’re all done, settle back into the bar — that is, if you can find it.

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