10 Most Recent Emails I Have Written With The Words “I Feel”

Inspired by Jonathan Harris’s “We Feel Fine,” a project that I’ve admired since I saw it in 2006.

(The last time I tried this, it was 2010 for a 30-Day Creativity Project. Compare with the old post.)

July 15, 2012: Steph to Johnisha
“I feel like we don’t know what’s happening from one day to the next.”

July 10, 2012: Steph to Nive, Tiffany, Katie, Emily, Jared, Mark, Marina, Michael, Chindhuri and Aki
“I feel better!”

July 6, 2012: Steph to Sarah
“I feel awake.”

July 2, 2012: Steph to Adele
“I feel like everyone is going through it, too.”

June 22, 2012: Steph to Jasmin
“I feel like I read literally hundreds of food blogs a day.”

March 30, 2012: Steph to Jared
“I feel like it was a waste of time.”

March 28, 2012: Steph to Scott, Michael, Tom
“I feel like I’m stuck in a sibling quarrel, but I’m not sure what are the proper steps an editor would take.”

Feb 7, 2012: Steph to Ema
“I feel like I’m working but getting nowhere.”

December 1, 2011: Steph to Betty
“I feel like I am right there with you as I am reading.”

July 20, 2012: Steph to Marina, Aileen, Julie, Jen, Joyce, Emmy, Ingrid
“I feel so special :D”

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