The Secret Reason Behind My Sunday Night Blog Posts

Recently, I got dinner with a wonderful group of women I’m beginning to call my motivation team.

It’s not that they’re my best friends, or that we gab on the phone every week. It’s that we are all working women who strive for success in our careers, and we respect each other for having passion-driven aspirations.

After dinner, we created a Facebook group titled “Making It Happen.” In it, we set weekly personal goals – no work goals allowed. Here’s a screencap illustrating how it works:

This mechanism we set enforces a new deadline on my life. If I miss it, I have to drag my lazy butt over to the Facebook group and post for all the motivation team to see: “This week, I failed.” Because I’m too proud to do that, I’m determined not to fail too often.

My goal for the week is often a blog post. And thus, the Secret Reason Behind My Sunday Night Blog Posts. I’m getting these up last minute so that I can have the satisfaction of announcing: YES, I completed my goal this week.

I know that not everyone’s wired the same way, and lots of people prefer to do things solo.  But if you’re stuck on a personal goal that just doesn’t seem to be happening, it’s really great to have a motivation team to help whip your lazy butt into shape.

So – feel free to round up your friends, create your own “Making It Happen” Facebook group, and get rollin’ on those personal goals.