Panoramas are the new selfie

So, 2014 is the year of the selfie and the front-facing camera, but you know, sometimes the scenery looks better than you do. :)

This is the first year that I’ve left my elephant of a DSLR (circa 2007) at home on trips. I’ve decided that when walking, hiking, biking, or just general touristing, I just don’t want to worry about carrying that one-extra-thing. My phone is always on me, it’s always on, it feels like less of an interruption to take a photo. And, as it turns out, iPhone photos are pretty darn good.

This afternoon, I realized that I had a pretty neat collection of panoramas from the last 10 months that I haven’t shared at all (lately all of my shared photos have been square). So, here goes. I think the ones from Banff are my favorite.