Steph Yiu

Confessions of a Selfie Addict

This year, I’ve spent roughly 130 days away from home. TripIt tells me I’ve covered something like 70,000 miles and 41 locations. I’ve been sifting through my photo library to find different ways to visually represent this year, and while I was able to compile a post of panoramas, I also discovered something else.

I’m a selfie addict! My photo library is full of them! I’m probably worse than Eliza Dooley. And the fact that my company has been enabling me doesn’t help. :)

It’s probably time to get this disorder under control. The first step is admitting that I have a problem. So here goes…


  • Left-handed selfie: 19
  • Right-handed selfie: 20
  • Funny hat and/or snorkel: 4
  • Selfies with five or more people: 11
  • Animals: 5 (Two dogs, a penguin, a tortoise, and a seal)

(And in all honesty … this has been a pretty fun way to look back at the year!)


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