Some awesome for your ears

IMG_2958I first stumbled upon Julia Easterlin’s music at a Berklee outdoor music festival in 2010, when I was visiting Boston for the weekend (I was still living in Chicago at the time). I was so mesmerized, I ended up sticking around and listening to the entire set. And then I went home and downloaded her album.

What’s really cool about her work is that she uses a looping machine to build out texture and rhythm to her songs. And, by layering on top of her own vocals, she’s able to create some truly haunting harmonies.

I saw her perform again at the ICA in 2011, and then completely lost track of her music until I rediscovered it a few weeks ago. As it turned out, she had an upcoming performance at The Paramount, so I went last night with my friends Emily and Stephany.

It was awesome to see her perform live four years later, and she was still amazing! I wanted to share her music with you, so here are my two favorite songs. I encourage you to check it out, and then go grab her recent live album on iTunes, it’s really solid stuff.