Blue Moonlight Kayaking

Last week was one of those moments where I stopped and wondered, “How did I get so lucky?”

A 2014 highlight for me was going kayaking one early Saturday morning with the lovely Jill Fisher, a co-worker from my days at America’s Test Kitchen. It had been a pretty rough couple of months and my friend was out to rescue me with fried seafood and a day on the water. It was a pretty heroic rescue.

Fried amazingness at Woodman's of Essex
Fried amazingness at Woodman’s of Essex

We spent the entire day in Essex, MA, kayaking in the clear water by Crane Beach, stuffing our faces with fried clams, and wandering through antique shops.

We promised ourselves we’d come back, with more friends in tow.

And so we did!


We had loved our guides (and fancy kayaks!) at ERBA so much, once we found out they offered moonlight kayaking we invited our friends along. We hadn’t planned on it being a blue moon, but that made it even more special.


It was an amazing experience, and I felt so happy to be on the water with Jill and our girlfriends, including my roommate Emily and summer camp friend Stephany (we met at age 16 in the UK, who knew we’d both end up in Boston?!).


The weather was perfect (warm but not sticky) and the water was calm (at times, like glass). But the sunset was the most impressive. We kayaked out to Crane Beach and stood at the edge of the water as we watched the sun set to our left and full moon rise to our right.

How did I get so lucky?!

I had never seen the sun and moon so clearly, at the same time. It was very cool to share the moment with a group of friends. We also had a campfire and s’mores so, you know, it was perfection.


Once the sun set, we set off and kayaked in the moonlight, with glowsticks lighting up our boats.


It was one of those awesome days to file away under “life memories.”