10 Photos from New York

#1 Lunch at Draught55 with co-workers


I’m a total sucker for restaurants with a big beer list, comfort food, and rustic decor. Draught55 was awesome.

#2 Watching The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


My sister picked out this show, based off a book I had read years and years ago. I knew nothing about the production of the play, but when I walked in, the stage was super impressive. I was expecting a high-tech show, which it definitely was, but what I wasn’t expecting was to be so moved by the storyline. It’s a mix of storytelling through dance, words, and projection. Loved it.

#3 The roof deck at The Quin


My dad and sister were staying at The Quin. The roof deck made for an excellent office for the morning.

#4 Dinner at Brushstroke


My friend high school friend Katherine is a front-of-house captain at Brushstroke, so she invited my family to dine there on Friday night. It easily the most enjoyable Japanese meal I’ve ever had. Every dish was delicately plated, and each bite was thoughtfully designed. And it was super fun to have Katherine run the show at dinner!

#5 Central Park Dog-watching

First, I went to Central Park and watched pups play in sprinklers.


Then, I watched this:

#6 Dinner with high school friends


Two of my closest high school friends (Katherine and Ali) joined the fam for dinner at Quality Meats on Thursday night and it was so awesome to catch up with them.

#7 Lobster and beer at Chelsea Market

My sister demolishing a 2.5 pound lobster on her own. What!

We also got oysters. :) The seafood selection inside Chelsea Market was epic.

#8 Wandering NYC with the fam



#9 Walking from Chambers St to 57th


It took us a little over an hour to walk the length of lower Manhattan and midtown. We took selfies along the way.

#10 Seeing pictures of my sister’s cats


My cat nieces and nephews.