Lost Wallet in Boston? nbd.

A few weeks ago, I lost my wallet somewhere between check-in at Barcelona Airport and landing at Boston Logan. My thoughts:

Yay! I’m back in Boston! … Shit! Where’s my wallet?

I was crashing with my friend Lori in Somerville, but she was at a friend’s Super Bowl party 30 minutes outside of the city. I knew her cats Penny and June were at home. Could they rescue me?

Penny's all like, "Um, I can't help right now, I'm busy with a BOX, obvi."
“Steph, I can’t help right now, I’m busy with a BOX, obvi.”

Hmmm, probably not. But I quickly realized that I could still Uber to her house since my credit card was stored in the app. Sweet.

Once I got to her house, I asked the cats: “Do you guys know where my wallet is?”

"Wallet? Who the hell are you? Where's dinner?"
“Wallet? Where’s dinner?”

We waited until Lori got home, and then we had to figure out dinner. We decided to cook, so she and I wandered over to Star Market.

When I crash with friends I always try to pick up groceries, but I realized that without my wallet, I’d be the moocher pal that couldn’t pay for anything. That is, until we got to the cashier and I realized they took Apple Pay. I tapped my phone and was able to cover groceries. Hooray!

At this point, I’d cancelled all of my cards except for the one used for my iPhone / app payments. My phone notifies me for every transaction on that card, so I could keep an eye out for fraudulent charges. I was also pretty sure I’d left it in the seatback pocket, like the pro traveler that I am. (Pro travel tip: never put anything in the seatback pocket. Instead, just hook stuff to it).

"Steph, we searched high and low for your wallet. We couldn't find it."
“Steph, we searched high and low for your wallet. We couldn’t find it.”

With the cats’ search turning up empty-pawed, I went to United’s lost and found system to report my wallet missing. It was a pretty thorough questionnaire, and I was hopeful they’d find it. I’m fortunate that all I had in my wallet at the time were €10, three credit/debit cards, one ID, three subway cards (NYC, Boston, Barcelona), and a PocketMonkey.

On Monday morning, I wanted to work out of a coffee shop (I work best out of the house). I realized that since I was in Boston, I could use LevelUp to pay for tea or food. LevelUp is a QR code-based payment (and loyalty) program, popular among merchants in the Cambridge / Somerville area. I looked up which coffeeshops accepted it, and headed over to 3 Little Figs for their amazing almond butter – banana – honey – cinnamon toastie.

On Tuesday night, I went out for Mardi Gras drinks at Beat Brasserie with some girlfriends. By that point, a new credit card from my bank had already arrived. But, if it hadn’t, I could have easily Venmo’d a friend my portion of the bill.

I ended up doing just fine without my wallet for a few days. By Wednesday, United texted me to say that it was found. Although I’d already replaced all of my cards by then, I got my wallet back before the end of the week (minus the cash). Good thing too, because it was a brand new Bellroy wallet that I was just starting to enjoy.

"Hooray. You found your wallet. Can I go back to napping?"
“Hooray. You found your wallet. Can I go back to napping?”

Yep! Thanks for all the help, June. As it turned out, with Uber, Apple Pay, and LevelUp, a lost wallet was nbd.