#stephfail in Alta, Utah

The last time I skied on the west coast was something like 10 years ago. So, visiting Alta Ski Resort in February was a pretty eye-opening experience. First of all, there was something like 90″ of base, in a season where we’re not really getting snow on the east coast (sigh). 

Then, there were the amazing, amazing views. I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Salt Lake City because of work, so I know that the views from the city are incredible. However, the views from the mountains were even more so.


And then, there was what felt like unlimited terrain – you would hop off a lift and could ski pretty much everything in sight. Definitely not something you can do at Sugarloaf or Sunday River. And, we had four full ski days to experience it all… except that at the end of the 3rd day, this happened:

Being snowmobiled down a mountain is surprisingly fun, except for how badly my knee was hurting.

I wish I could tell you that this happened because I was killing it, going down some epically steep bowl, but in reality I was just very tied on the third day and fell. It’s not that exciting. (But, I did get to ski in my first bowl this trip, so that was pretty neat.)

The folks at the Alta Ski Clinic were awesome as we waited around for my x-rays… no broken bones, no torn ACL… but it was a really bad sprain which means that even now, 4 weeks later, I am barely walking. It’s definitely been a bummer in the nomad-life.

Well folks, don’t take your knees for granted! Hopefully I’m on the road to recovery, so that I can dance my butt off at my friend’s wedding in a week…

A trunk packed with ski gear makes me happy.