About Me

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my somewhat random blog.

I’m Steph Yiu, and I’m a third culture kid who lives in Cambridge, MA. Before that, I lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Chicago. I work for WordPress.com VIP, at a cool distributed company called Automattic. I used to work at America’s Test Kitchen and at the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye. I’ve interned at the Boston Globe and The Oregonian. I went to school at Northwestern University and Singapore American School. I started a little project called Denizen.

The quickest way to reach me is by tweeting @crushgear, but if you prefer email, I’m steph at hoppycow dot com.

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Sometimes, I get linked to for various reasons.

on WordPress

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on remote work

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on takemewithyou, an installation in Chicago

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Gapers Block: Make Believe this Summer

TimeOut Chicago: Wicker Park gets pop-up art

Marie Claire: Editor’s Blog

Our Urban Times: Make believe, reflect and vote

The Puzzler: takemewithyou, a collaborative art project

on 24@NU, a series of featurettes on NU life

Northwestern Magazine: The Storyteller — Steph Yiu

on denizen, a magazine I created for Global Nomads

Clark University: Global Stories and Lasting Connections

The Change School: Values and Identity with Steph Yiu

CollegeXpress: Profile of Denizen Magazine Founder Steph Yiu

Expats Guide: About Denizen, an online magazine for Third Culture Kids

Al Jazeera: TV appearance on Cultural Chameleons

PRI’s Otherhood: Radio appearance on being a Third Culture Kid

on selfies with seals :D

TechCrunch: Automattic experiments with selfies app

Profile photo taken at Cloud Gate in downtown Chicago. 
Header photo taken at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

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