Day #13: The Streets that I’ve Lived On

Today’s creativity project was supposed to be a historical look on Waveland Ave, the street that I live on. However, there was insufficient accessible information. And since the rules of the project are that it has to be done in ONE day, and I’m going out tonight — the idea had to evolve.

Instead of doing a historical look on the street that I live on, I’m going to do a historical look of all the streets that I have lived on. And instead of showing you photographs of the streets through my eyes, I’ve enlisted the help of Google images. Below are a list of the streets that I have lived on, and what Google Images thinks that it looks like (with the help of my photo selection):

Waveland Ave, Chicago

Story Street, Boston

White Mountain Highway, Conway

Beacon Street, Boston

Foster Street, Evanston

20th Place, Portland

Guthrie Street, Edinburgh

University Place, Evanston

Clark Street, Chicago

Lincoln Street, Evanston

Dover Rise, Singapore

Scotts Road, Singapore

Taman Nakoda, Singapore

Yangmingshan, Taipei

Hong Lok Yuen, Hong Kong

Creativity Project Day #13 — done.