DAY #28 – Lost and Found

LOST: On my run today, I made a series of iPhone photographs of me puffing at a dandelion… the seeds are lost to the wind.

FOUND: My roommate (and her dog) found an iPod in the park today. We tried to figure out how to return it to the owner, but without success. So here’s what we did: we hit shuffle on the iPod and looked at the first 10 songs that came up. Like an archaeological dig, we used those songs to help us figure out who we think the owner might be. We had fun speculating.

The first 10 songs that came up on shuffle:

1. Sweet Jane – The Velvet Underground
2. Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole – Pierre Boulez: Berlin
3. mifletzet haayala – Virzbe/Galbez
4. One of my turns – pink floyd
5. Pequeno Louva-Deus – Nei Zigma
6. Mi Milas Kindinevi i Hellas – George Dalaras
7. Offramp – Pat Metheny Group
8. Track 06 – underground mix
9. Etseinnu B’kfar Tundra – Habrieirah Hat’va’it
10. Paisley Park – Prince & The Revolution

Looking at these songs, we determined that the previous owner of the iPod was:
Wealthy (Who purchases a top of the line iPod, 160GB, to hold just 2,000 songs?)
A guy
In their 30s
Middle Eastern (my roommate just says so)
Probably lives in Wrigleyville
Not marred, definitely no kids, probably a bachelor

Day 28… done!