My Favorite Planet Money Episodes

I am slightly obsessed with Planet Money from NPR. I first found out about it by listening to their incredible storytelling of the housing crisis on This American Life ( So then when my friend Christine Liu said that she wanted to give it a try, Dharmishta Rood and I told her that we’d find some good ones to get her started.

But then I thought I might as well share this with everyone, and try to get some more Planet Money groupies. So… here are 5 Awesome Planet Money Episodes:

#323 From Harvard Economist to Casino CEO — The magic tricks an economist uses to try to get you to come back to his casino.

#312 What is Occupy Wall Street? — Planet Money goes and hangs out with the folks at Occupy Wall Street, and learns about how a crowd can govern using group participation.

#292 Dollar Coins in the Wild — People (legally) “hacking” the U.S. mint’s own rules to get miles on their credit card — and then travel to Hawaii for free.

#288 Manufacturing the Song of Summer — The Planet Money team hangs out with Rihanna’s music factory, to find out how they create a pop song.

#??? How To Build A School in Haiti — An incredible story about a principal who wanted to build a schoolhouse in Haiti. Planet Money listeners raised $3,000 — but that wasn’t enough. Then, a listener emailed in, and said he wanted to go down to Haiti and help. This is the follow-up about his trip:

Enjoy!! (Also also share your favorite episodes if you’re already a listener…!)