Steph Yiu

The Trivia Board in our Kitchen, and a Winter Quiz for You!

Jared and I love hosting parties in our home, and over the last year, a fun tradition has emerged. Before every party, we turn our kitchen chalkboard into a trivia board for our guests to enjoy.

So… this means that over the last year, I’ve developed a love for trivia questions. So I don’t actually like playing trivia (I’m pretty terrible at it), but I really, really enjoy making up the questions.

This weekend, I made a set of trivia for my friends Mark and Tiff, who created a startup named Social Colander. The startup is a “dinner party meets cooking contest,” and they use the questions to pass time while the chefs are plating the courses. The theme of the evening was “Winter Tales and Ales,” and I thought I’d share the questions with you here. Have fun, and let me know what you think!


  1. This is an amazing idea! I want to come to your next party!

    I have a version of this that I play with a few friends, but by email. A couple of our recent topics were matching: Newspapers to their city (similar to yours) and Presidents to their Vice Presidents (gets pretty hard..).


    • Newspapers to their city is really fun. I love trivia where you need to work a bit to deduce the answer, and newspaper names is a good one. I also love trivia where it’s stuff you see every day but you never think about it, like airport codes.

      I was just asked to make 2012 Trivia for the New Year’s Eve party, and I can’t wait!! I’ll post it up when I’m done.


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