19 Favorite Selfies from 2019

I love to (obsessively?) document things. I blog, take photos, and journal partly because it’s therapeutic, but mostly because it’s how I like to process and remember life.

In 2014, I documented my travel to 41 different locations through a selfie collage. That year, I went to Singapore, Beijing, Key West, Kauai, The Galapagos, Banff, Lisbon, Chicago… it was an insane and wonderful year.

This year had a bit less travel but was even more memorable. We got married. We finished moving into our new home. And we added two more pets to the family.

Here are my 19 favorite selfies from 2019.

December 31, 2018: New Year’s Eve

Every year we host a cocktail/pajama/tiki themed NYE party… and usually our closest friends arrive early to help set up. I was able to snag this selfie (with dogs and kids and all) before the guests arrived.

March 6: Alta, Utah

For the last 15 years, Corey and his dad, cousin, and friends go to Alta over the winter (it’s also where we got engaged in 2018). This year’s trip gave us an beautiful day where we were skiing while it was snowing all around us.

March 23: Bachelorette Party

One of the happiest days of the year (besides getting married). I got to spend a weekend with my favorite people doing my favorite things. More photos here.

March 30: Coppélia at the Boston Ballet

My childhood best friend moved to Boston this year!!! So unexpected and so wonderful… and now we get to do random things like go to the ballet.

April 6: Wedding Tasting in Maine

This trip was a comedy of errors… I forgot to book a place to stay, the dog almost got us kicked out of where we were staying… but it was still a ridiculously fun (and productive!) trip with friends. And of course we stopped for some lobster in Portland.

May 19 Weekend: Wedding Selfies

I have a whole blog post of photos from the wedding, but here are some selfie highlights!

Right after we finished the tea ceremony with our families…
Right after we said “I Do!”
And… I found this selfie recently and no one seems to remember when this happened.

June 9, 2019: Paris

I went to Paris on a work trip this summer, and we stayed over the weekend. We had such a great time that this trip solidified our commitment to make sure we do at least one international trip a year.

July 4: Scituate

We spend every July 4th with Emily’s family at their home in Scituate. It’s the best beach time we get all year… and it’s the one time Fritz can go swimming all year.

July 30: Provincetown

We made a spur-of-the-moment decision to spend a week working from Provincetown, with just our bikes and our backpacks. We booked everything within a few hours and it was one of the best weeks of the summer!

August 10: Diamond Lake, MI

I’ve never attended a party in the middle of a sandbar before, but my friend Laura’s Bachelorette party had us wade over with giant flamingo floats… :)

October 16: Catch-up in Rotterdam

One of my oldest friends Marisse lives in Rotterdam. She and I haven’t been able to see each other since college, and I was so happy to be able to visit her briefly in The Netherlands… bleary-eyed and right after I stepped off a long flight. Our conversation felt like we picked up right where we left off.

November 30: Decorating the free with friends!

Our friends Eric and Elaina had their baby girl this December, but they were able to come over and hang out one weekend and help us decorate our tree!

December 3: Learning Dominant Species

The best game I learned all year… and our weeknight games were a highlight of my winter.

December 8: Girls night!

One of the most lovely outcomes of having a wedding and bachelorette party is that all your girlfriends start hanging out. While Corey was out of town we had a girls night at our house… with an insane cake that Kathy made.

December 25: Christmas Day Walk

This is a tradition in the Gilmore-Forman household… a Christmas Day walk in the woods.

December 28: Painting selfie

We adopted Theo and Grey Cat in the fall (post coming on that soon). One thing I’m so grateful for is that all the animals get along. We snapped this family portrait while taking a break from painting my office (and here are some photos of the office all done!).

December 31: New Year’s Eve Party

Here’s to an amazing 2020!